Redeemer UNITED Students

What is the Redeemer Student Ministry?

     The student ministry at Redeemer exists to glorify God through the evangelism, teaching, training, and discipleship of middle school and high school age students. All events and activities are done to reflect the truth to students that a personal viable and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in life and that this relationship with Him influences and transforms every part of their lives beginning with their hearts.

    While the task of discipling children has been and always will be the responsibility of Christian parents, the individual family is not called to carry this burden alone. The Body of Christ is called to come alongside and assist where we can. In fact, we have taken vows which say that we “as a congregation undertake the responsibility of assisting the parents in the Christian nurture of this child” (Book of Church Order 56-6). The RPC youth ministry exists to help parents in this endeavor.

    In addition to reaching our covenant youth, God has also called us to be beacons of His light and agents of His grace in the hearts and minds of the youth of our city. We long to be an unavoidable presence in the schools of our community and to bring light into darkness. We long to see many won to Christ and to see the entire culture of schools become one that is honoring to Christ.

Contact Person:

Joshua Gilman, Director of Youth & Families

(941) 224-4629, Email Here

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Weekly Events:

Redeemer UNITED High School & Middle School students meet weekly on Sunday evenings, 6-7:30 pm at Redeemer Church

Upcoming Series: "Reformed: Prayer"

Enter the treasury of the church of Jesus Christ and discover some of its most valuable gems on the subject of Christian prayer. Explore the writings and prayer lives of several Reformers and Puritans among them Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Perkins, Matthew Henry, and Jonathan Edwards guiding us to growth in prayer and a more grateful communion with God.

Sunday Small Groups for Middle School and High School students meets at 11:00am Sunday mornings.

in the Student Education Building.

Upcoming Series: "Philippians: Everyday Christianity"

Mission Statement:

To be a part of God’s plan of winning, developing, building, and equipping students…

• Who have a personal, viable, and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ

• Who see this relationship as the most important thing in their lives

• Who daily see Christ influence and transform every part of their lives beginning with the hearts.

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9:30 A.M. Service


11:00 A.M. Sunday School


Summer Semester Calendar:

Weekly Bible Studies meet at 7PM on Wednesdays

at the Tvenstrup Home in Panther Trace Community.

Current Series: "Reformation Heroes" We will discuss Reformers and significant passages in their beliefs.