We are looking for a team of Summer super sleuths to help us gather the clues and decipher the evidence: Is Jesus really who He says he is?

The mission begins July 27th at 9:30 AM.  Join us as we follow the evidence and collect the clues to unravel the greatest mystery of all time...Is Jesus who he says he is?  We encourage you to join in on the fun in real time (July 27-31st; 9:30 AM-12:00) but this event is virtual so you can participate at any time, from anywhere!  

The daily dramas and lessons have been made available through the ministry of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia.  Worship will be led by Redeemer's Worship Leader, Mr. Will and Mrs. Amber will host the opening and closing sessions each day via FaceBook Live.  Here is a suggested daily schedule:

9:30 Opening Session via FaceBook Live

9:45 Worship

9:55 Introduction (at home, see Home Guide)

10:00 Scripture Memory Practice (see Home Guide)

10:10 Drama with Clueless Kids

10:25 Examine the Clues (at home, see Home Guide)

10: 35 Snack/Break (Optional Snack ideas in the Home Guide)

11:00 Lesson with Sylvester Sleuth

11:15 Craft (instructions in Home Guide, materials in Resource Packet)

11:45 Do You Believe the Evidence? (at home, see Home Guide)

12:00 Closing Session via FaceBook Live


Click below for the Home Guide.