Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We believe that the local church is God's primary vehicle for the expansion of His kingdom. Therefore we will invest the largest portion of our mission resources in church planting strategies in various cultural contexts both in the United States and abroad.

We believe that the proper role of the cross-cultural missionary is an equipper of national church planters and a facilitator of church planting movements. Therefore we will strongly support missionaries with a vision for planting indigenous churches with native leadership.

We believe that short-term missions are the most effective method of involving our members in world evangelism. Short-term missions provides believers with the opportunity to experience the work of God in the world and provide an excellent tool for the mobilization of longer-term missionaries. We have a long-term partnership with the Reformed Church in Hanover, Jamaica.

How Can I Serve?
1 You Can Pray
2 You Can Send
3 You Can Go
Prayerfully consider your involvement. It may or may not be God’s plan for you to pack your bags for another country, but He does desire that you have His heart for the nations, that men and women from every people would worship Him.

Active Missionaries

Derrick and Katie A. (Jack, Lucy, and Henry), Serving in N. Africa

 They have served there since January of 2019. They have joined a team that consists of families, couples and singles whose focus is widespread in their vocational roles in order to serve in a variety of ways. The children attend an international school where they are learning Arabic and French and attend school with children from all over the world and many faith backgrounds. Derrick and Katie spent their first year in N. Africa focusing on learning the Arabic dialect of their country and continue to study Arabic with a local brother two days a week. They attend a local fellowship where Katie serves on the diaconate. Derrick, a mental health professional, is being invited to serve in a variety of ways with local organizations, companies and fellowships to help bring mental health healing to a nation suffering from un-addressed issues of addiction, trauma (in many forms), abuse and relational/boundary dynamics. 
Mission To the World France
Mission to the World Athens, Greece
RUF @ University of South Florida
Mission to the World Global
Mission to the World Global

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